Full Circle: A Reflection on the Last Three Years

Sep 7th 2018

I got a call today from a woman I admire.She’d been watching my journey and, after surviving unthinkable adversity, she has reached a place in her life where she’s ready to make a change, to set off … read more

Puerto Rico Se Levanta

Oct 21st 2017

Well, I'm enjoying my first moments down since leaving for Florida/Hurricane Irma over a month ago. I've been in Puerto Rico nearly two weeks now operating as the administrative/logistics lead for … read more

Force of Nature: Lacey Syzemore

Posted by Jordan Blake on Aug 14th 2017

We are excited to introduce you all to Lacey Syzemore! Lacey is a mother of two, loving wife, lifelong outdoorswoman, hunting outfitter, dog trainer, and small business owner who hails from Putnam, O … read more

Reflections in the Wake of the Congressional Attack

Jun 15th 2017

HowAfter an 18-hour day I found myself trying to stay alert for the final few miles of my drive when I rounded a bend and looked up to see this. I turned quickly and wound my way to the parking lot. … read more

Force of Nature: Ursula Williams

Posted by Jordan Blake on Jun 1st 2017

Periodically we will be introducing you to women that we consider to be a FORCE OF NATURE within her broader community. There is no specific criteria for this, other than these women are pursuing t … read more